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Find What Causes Your Allergic Reactions by Hiring Our Home Inspector in Waco, TX

At LoneStar Mold Testing, we have 28 years of experience creating areas with breathable air. We take pride in providing personalized services with open communication channels where you can ask questions. We consider that you have the right to know what we are doing and how it will benefit you and your family or employees. We recommend starting with a hold inspection to guarantee that every corner is free of infestations. Contact our crew in Waco, TX, to learn more.

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Live in an Area Free of Contaminants

Mold is dangerous and unappealing; leaving it unattended can cause it to spread to other parts of your property, making it even harder to eliminate. Through our services, you can increase your sales potential because you’d confirm that your home is free of contaminants. In addition, you can find out what causes your allergies or asthma attacks.

Our services include:

  • Mold inspections
  • Mold Testing
  • Air Quality Testing

Breathe Clean Air

A mold inspection will help you know if your residential or commercial property is contaminated with mold spores. Black mold spreads quickly, so contact us before the problem worsens. Our team in Waco, TX, will assist you whenever you need us! We are available 24/7  because you should always put your health first. Reach out to us now at (713) 875-2889.

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