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Mold can cause serious damage to your home and business. Spores can quickly spread and pose a threat on the health of your loved ones, employees, or customers. Here at LoneStar Mold Testing, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. We offer mold inspections, testing, and air quality testing services in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. We proudly serve both residential and commercial clients looking for professional and reliable inspection services.

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We Offer Expert Mold Testing Services Throughout the Houston Area

Left untreated, mold can pose serious health risks for everyone in your home or office building. If you notice even a small trace or faint odor of mold, don’t wait—give LoneStar Mold Testing a call to get it taken care of. We’re committed to keeping your property safe and healthy for all residents or occupants, which is why we apply nearly three decades’ worth of knowledge and expertise to identify the source, analyze the samples, and recommend the highest quality solutions to eliminate mold on your property once and for all.  

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The Importance of Regular Air Quality Testing

While testing the air in your home or business once might seem sufficient, pollutants can find their way in every day. Arranging for occasional air quality testing will help to keep your space healthier, and your family or employees more safe. Repeated air quality testing also offers a wide range of other benefits, including 

  • Sales potential: Sell your property faster with an up-to-date air quality test. Knowing that the house they’re interested in is clean and free of contaminants puts potential buyers at ease. 
  • Identifying the cause of health issues: With regular air quality testing, you can easily find out if illnesses or allergy symptoms are being caused by contaminated air. 
  • ComfortabilityAvoid allergic reactions and other health problems by regularly testing your indoor air quality. This will help you confirm or refute the presence of harmful contaminants. 

Just because the carbon monoxide detector isn’t ringing doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem. We provide mold, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide testing in our house and business inspections. Schedule air quality testing services today by calling us at 713-875-2889. 

What Our Clients Are Saying
  • Randy P. Avatar
    Randy P.
    7/15/2020 - HomeAdvisor

    super ethics. Highly Professional. Very pleased

    Jennifer G. Avatar
    Jennifer G.
    7/10/2020 - HomeAdvisor

    Lance was wonderful in inspecting the property and clearly explaining everything to us!!

    Kurt T. Avatar
    Kurt T.
    7/09/2020 - HomeAdvisor

    Great Service. Clear explanations with fast results.

  • K M. Avatar
    K M.
    7/06/2020 - HomeAdvisor

    I hate looking for new service providers, but Lance was great. He communicated clearly every step of the way, provided... read more

    Eli P. Avatar
    Eli P.
    7/06/2020 - HomeAdvisor

    Very responsive, came out on a Sunday, had samples results same day, gave me report same day.... 110% satified, highly... read more

    Vicki J. Avatar
    Vicki J.
    7/05/2020 - HomeAdvisor

    Lance is very knowledgeable about mold. He was on time, very polite, and answered all my questions.

  • Yolanda L. Avatar
    Yolanda L.
    6/30/2020 - HomeAdvisor

    Lance, takes care of his customers and will give them the best information even if they go with another company... read more

    Stephen A. Avatar
    Stephen A.
    6/29/2020 - HomeAdvisor

    Very professional, polite and knowledgeable

    Lynne S. Avatar
    Lynne S.
    6/16/2020 - HomeAdvisor

    Lance was very professional and informative! He was very quick to fit us in to his schedule to test for... read more

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