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Need Reliable Mold Testing Services in the Houston, TX Area?

Have you noticed common signs of a mold infestation? If so, give LoneStar Mold Testing a call today. Our company offers quality mold testing services in the Houston, TX area, backed by nearly 30 years of experience in mold testing, building science, and air quality. You can rely on us to quickly locate any sources of mold in your home or commercial building. After performing a thorough mold inspection, we’ll closely analyze any samples we discover, and explain the scope of the issue in detail. Should we find a mold problem inside your property, we will recommend affordable, environmentally friendly mitigation strategies and solutions to clean your space and prevent the return of harmful toxins. 

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Put Your Trust in the Houston Area’s Top Mold Testing Company

With 28 years of industry experience, LoneStar Mold Testing is one of the leading mold and air quality testing companies in the Houston, TX area. Our skilled, detail-oriented team will take the time to thoroughly inspect every corner of your home or business and identify the sources of any mold problems. Count on us for honest, transparent, personalized service!  

When to Arrange for a Mold Inspection

Wondering whether you need professional mold testing services for your Houston, TX home or business? Consider hiring our dedicated, licensed mold inspector if you 


  • Are looking to purchase or sell a home 
  • Have noticed signs of a mold infestation 
  • Want to ensure your indoor air quality is safe 

Don’t leave the health and safety of your family or employees to chance—call us today to schedule a thorough, comprehensive mold inspection.  

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